Mummies Alive Amenhotep

First Appearance

Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian






The Mummies
Prince Rapses

Current Location

Ancient Egypt

Amenhotep is the father of Prince Rapses, the Pharaoh and ruler of all of Egypt.


Pharaoh Amenhotep was a good Pharaoh and was very respected by all his people. He once appeared in a Scarab's nightmares, it seems after Scarab obtained his immortality, Amenhotep had him sealed in a tomb for his crimes. Later, Scarab makes the Mummies believe that Amenhotep had returned for his son in order to make them lower there guard. Thankfully his plan still failed.


  • He is probably named after Amenhotep I, but the one in Egyptian history didn't have any children named Rapses nor Ramses. His name is also similar to Imhotep.
  • Amenhotep means "peace, satisfaction of Amon."

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