First Appearance

Desert Chic


Snake God/Spirit




Nefer-Tina (Love Interest)


Serpent of the Desert/ Drifter

Current Location

Beyond the Western Gate


Magical powers among which gave him the power to transform him from a serpent into a human, as well as super strength.

Apep is a snake-god/spirit who long ago lived in ancient Egypt, he wants revenge against Rapses, due to his grandfather banishing him to the desert. Apep is in love with one of Rapses' guardians: Nefer-Tina.


Long ago, Apep was driven out into the desert by Prince Rapses grandfather and grew vengeful, many centuries later Apep would resurface in the modern world to seek out the reincarnated Rapses.

Taking the form of a rebellious young human biker Apep and a group of similar creatures resembling varied animals pursued their prey without mercy, however Apep became infatuated with the mummy Nefer-Tina and longed for her to be his queen and lover.

Nefer-Tina eventually made a deal with Apep. She would race him across the Golden Gate bridge and if she were to lose, she would surrender herself to Apep along with Presley but if she won Apep and his gang would leave them both unharmed and return back to their realm.

Pleased with the rewards for victory, Apep eagerly accepts her offer. At first, he easily had the upper-hand, however when Nefer-Tina fell off the bridge, Apep did not hesitate to rush to her aid and sacrificed himself to save her. His essence vanishing through the Western Gate back to the realm of the gods.

Apep appears once again in Pepped with Good Intention when Nefer-Tina makes a wish for someone to love her. Apep, still harboring romantic feelings for her, again begs for Nefer-Tina to be his queen. Due to her pledge to protect Presley/ Rapses, she turns down his proposal, despite her own feelings for the serpent.

Believing that the boy prince was getting in the way of their love, Apep kidnaps Presley to turn him over to Scarab to betray him later in order to win Nefer-Tina's heart. But nothing goes how he planned. Nefer-Tina, though angry at Apep for his foolishness, allows him to help her rescue Rapses from Scarab.

Apep frees Presley and manages to subdue Scarab long enough for Nefer-Tina and Presley to escape, finally accepting that their love could never be.


Apep, while often violent is also very loyal to those who he trusts. Apep is a very free-spirited soul who enjoys traveling great distances for no other reason than travel.

Despite appearing evil, Apep does show love for the ones he cares for deeply and respects anyone who can match his skills. For instance, he immediately respected and became enamoured by Nefer-Tina due to her racing skills, regardless of her gender.


  • Apep in Egyptian mythology, was Ra's greatest enemy, whom he had countless battles with. He was the complete opposite of Ra; darkness, evil, chaos, and was often affiliated with a snake.