First Appearance

Family Feud: Part 1 - Brother's Keeper







Current Location

Beyond the Western Gate

Arakh is Ja-Kal's evil brother and was known as the Scorpion of the Desert 3500 years ago. He can transform and obtain a set of Scorpion armor.

He has a son named Kimas.


Arakh often felt that his brother Ja-Kal was surpassing him in tasks set out by the Pharaoh just to spite him. One day while helping the Pharaoh in a hunt, he and the Pharaoh were ambushed. Things looked dire, until Ja-Kal saved them both from the beast.

Later after declaring his allegiance to Scarab, Arakh played an important role in the defeat of his brother and the young Pharaoh's guardians.


Arakh has always possessed an ambitious personality. He became a ruthless villain the day Ja-Kal saved him (and the pharaoh) from a lion during a hunt. His jealousy boiled over and he sought a means of revenge. Which later led to his alliance with Scarab.

Notes Edit

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