MA Chontra

First Appearance

Good Bye Mr. Cheops


Human/Unknown Gorgon creature





Current Location

San Francisco

Chontra was once Rath's student in the art of magic 3500 years ago, with practice she was swiftly able to become more powerful than her teacher.


Chontra openly admits, even now, that she very quickly fell in love with Rath as he taught her magic. Rath admitted to strong feelings for her as well, but had to stop teaching Chontra when the pharaoh Amenhotep ordered him to teach Prince Rapses. So Chontra began learning magic on her own, and vowed that he would pay for walking away from her.

In the present day, Chontra came through the Western Gate three times. Her main reason was to gain vengeance upon Rath, but she also tried to get Rapses soul on at least one occasion. She looks human, but when she becomes angry enough, Chontra has the ability to transform into a gorgon-like creature.


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