Desert Chic
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date September 22, 1997
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The Gift of Geb
High Nuhn


Apep, the Serpent of the Desert, and his followers (a Turtle, a Tyrannosaurus-like creature, an insect, and a Scorpion) decide to change their forms and take on the appearances of humans to become a biker gang known as the "Desert Prince".

Known as Pep in the lead biker's body, Apep and Nefer-Tina who knew each other 3500 years ago admire each other's driving ability and they start to fall for one another. Pep and Nefer-Tina race across the Golden Gate Bridge, with Presley as the prize, Nefer-Tina also offers herself if she should lose. But Nefer-Tina falls and Apep sacrifices himself to save her.

Featured CharactersEdit


"Hello? Mummies? You can come save me now, over. Really. Anytime now, over. Beam me up Scotty. Anybody?"

Presley talking into the amulet.


Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • On telivision, Ronnie Letch is to interview Pep on "Lifestyles of the Inexplicably Famous."
  • The tryouts for Desert Prince take place in Golden Gate Park.


  • Nefer-Tina transforms three times in this episode, but not once is her transformation sequence shown.

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