Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Huxley
Season 1, Episode 28
Air date October 30, 1997
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Presley and the Mummies are at school to get the stone obelisk that summoned Chontra. Presley gets stopped by Mr. Huxley, who tests his "science project" and gets transformed into "Milton the Magnificent". Mr. Huxley gains energy manipulation powers and a whole new personality.

"Milton the Magnificent" steals a car, robs an Automated Teller Machine, and heads to the Albatross Pub where he hands out money freely. He likes his changed form and wants to make the effects permanent. Ja-Kal is also accidentally zapped by the obelisk and becomes "Jeky the Great". Milton and Jeky go for a joy ride taking Presley with them and they battle it out on a runaway cablecar.

Eventually the pair are returned to normal and the obelisk ends up at the bottom of the Bay.

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"You're right, it is more fun when you can't see where you're going!"

Melvin the Magnificent proves why he will never get a license.


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