Honey, I Shrunk the Mummies
Season 1, Episode 34
Air date November 11, 1997
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Rath is trying an incantation to invoke the power of an insect-like Talisman. However Rath translated the incantation incorrectly into: "By the spirit that guides us all, make me as the beetle strong" and so, nothing happens. When Armon reads it, he speaks it correctly, "small" and not "strong". Instantly all four Mummies shrink to the size of cockroaches.

In their quest to reverse the spell, Ja-Kal gets swatted by Presley; Nefer-Tina almost gets swallowed by Presley; and Armon gets stepped on by him. Kahti tries to eat the Mummies and swats Nefer-Tina and Armon. When Kahti finally recognizes them she gives Rath a big lick. Charlie, the janitor, mops them up.

Armon and Ja-Kal end up in the mop pail. Rath and Nefer-Tina get attacked by a spider. Armon gets stuck in Charlie's pocket. Rath and Nefer-Tina make a flight on a paper airplane to find the talisman and speak the words to undo the spell. Once they land Rath manages to get the speak the spell and retrun everyone to normal.

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Armon: She almost ate me!
Rath: Well, now you know how your food feels.

Armon laments almost being eaten by Khati, and Rath's attempt at consul falls flat.


Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • This episode's title parodies a 1989 comedy movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". The plot also involves four characters accidentally being shrunken by a device.