Kid Scarab
Season 1, Episode 23
Air date October 22, 1997
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Loss of Face
Married to the Geb


As the episode begins, Joe and Bob chase Nefer-Tina and Presley who are on a Jet Cycle, and watch as it out maneuvers their police car. At the same time Scarab turns himself into a child so as to "approach his young victim so that he may be unseen". It takes some time but he eventually able to master the spell. While Heka hides in his new backpack.

Meanwhile, the Mummies are acting as chaperones for a Community Center field trip to tour the Acme Bakery. Scarab as a child, has a brief run-in with the bullies Tiny and Chuck. He eventually manages to find Presley and his field trip tour group. Unfortunetly Scarab gets mistaken for one of the children by Armon and is taken abourd.

When the tour group arrives Scarab decides to stay close to Presley's group. Scarab casts a spell on the dough and it turns into an oversized dough-boy. The Mummies try to fight the monster but it prove to be a diffcult opponent. Armon and Rath appear to defeat the creature by throwing it into a chopper. The creature mearly reforms into several smaller dough-boy's.

Meanwhile, while Presley is waiting for the others outside. Scarab makes his move and tries to abduct the boy. Presley manages to get away thanks to his boomarang. Meanwhile the Mummies are still having trouble with the mini dough-boy's. Then they manage to trap the creatures in an oven and bake them all to a crisp.

As Scarab continues to persue Presley, Presley manages to find the Mummies and dump Scarab into a vat of dough.

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