First Appearance

Family Feud: Part 2 - New Mummy in Town






The Mummies

Current Location

Beyond the Western Gate

Kimas is Arakh's son and Ja-Kal's nephew. He's not considered as evil as his father, but does initially side with Scarab. He can transform and obtain a set of Scorpion armor like his father.


Aster making an alliance with Arakh, Ja-Kal's brother estranged. Scarab fulfills Arakh's request, and revives his son. Curious about the world, Kimas goes off into the city to go exploring. Then the young mummy happens to bump into Nefer-Tina and Armon after getting into trouble with some thugs, the pair decide to save him from those same thugs. After the three introduce themselves they go out and party, but Scarab, Arakh and some Shabti appear. Armon and Nefer-Tina don't have the power to call there armor, but Kimas does. He saves the two and gets them out to safety, shooting Scarab down. They were caught in a corner, but Rath and Ja-kal come to their rescue. Ja-Kal puts duty over family, and says Kimas can't be trusted because of his ties to Arakh. Kimas plans on getting revenge for the seemingly unfair treatment by siding his father and Scarab.

Eventually, as his father and Ja-Kal face each other. Kimas decieds that his father is wrong and he sides with Ja-Kal. During the battle KImas destroys his fathers Scorpion Amulet, sending the Scorpion armor, his father, and himself back through the Western Gate.


Kimas' seems quite typical of a teenager. His temperary anger toward his uncle Ja-Kal is understandable, while his immediately switching sides after watching his father and uncle fight.


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