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Welcome to the Mummies Alive Wiki
The Mummies Alive Wiki is about the short-lived animated series from what used to be DIC Entertainment.


A little boy named Presley

found a secret out this year that he was once a Pharaoh when Egyptians ruled the world and now some sorcerer named Scarab tries to get him day and night but Presley has four guardians to protect his very life. He has the Mummies. From 1525 B.C. He has the Mummies. Protection for the new Rapses. He has the Mummies. They're hanging by the 'Frisco Bay. He has the Mummies.

Protectors of the world today.
He has the Mummies.

From 1525 B.C. He has the Mummies. Protection for the Pharaoh teen. He has the Mummies. They're hanging by the Western Gate. He has the Mummies. They're going to save the world today. The Egyptian way.

They're Mummies Alive!

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Prince Rapses was the heir to the Egyptian throne 3500 years ago. He was protected by the Mummies (before they became Mummies), but was killed when he was Presley's age by Scarab. The story of how this happend was shown to Presely in a magicaly induced dream. read more about Prince Rapses...

Did you know?Edit

  • The Mummies all ride together in a dragster-type vehicle called the Hot-Ra, which was built by Rath. The Mummies also occasionally use their Jetcycle's (motorcycles that can also sprout wings and fly). They also posses a speedboat called the Nileator and a small jet airplane called the Skycophagus. All these vehicles are kept in their "garage" located in the Sphinx.

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"Hey! It really does rain cats and dogs. Ugly dogs."

Armon, from "The Gift of Geb"

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