Object of His Affections
Season 1, Episode 32
Air date November 6, 1997
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Tree O'Clock Rock
The Bird-Mummy of Alcatraz


Talos is back, and he is has fallen in love with San Francisco's famous Statue of Victory and he takes the statue. Scarab offers to bring the statue to life if Talos would bring Prince Rapses to him.

Talos goes after Presley. The Mummies are unable to stop him, so they come up with a plan to let Talos take Presley back to find Scarab.

Nefer-Tina hides and pretending to be the voice of the statue, convinces Talos that Scarab has lied to him.

Presley was building a robot for science class, but with Rath's help, builds Talos instead.

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Real-World ReferencesEdit


  • A minor error occurs when in the scene where Joe spotted the Hot-Ra, he shook Bob and accidentally spilled Bob's coffee all over Bob's face and uniform. But when Bob responds on the next scene, the coffee stains on his face and police uniform is gone.

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