Pack to the Future
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date September 17, 1997
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Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian
The Gift of Geb

Presley's mother takes him camping at Yosemite. Scarab calls for "the Trackers of Souls", made up of Set, a bulldog and Anubis, a jackal, to track down Presley for him.


Presley and his momther take a camping trip to Yosemite State Park, along with a stow-away Kahti. Scarab knowing Presley's guardian Mummies can't protect him calls for "the Trackers of Souls", made up of Set, Anubis, a bulldog, and a wolf, to track down Presley for him. Ammut tags along with the "pack".

The Trackers eventually catch up to Presley at night where and try to trap him. Kahti transforms in an attempt to protect Presley, but she is quickly overpowerd. Scarab and his Shabti arrive in a helicopter, but the Mummies arrive in time to save the pair.

As it turns out Armon had been having a bit of trouble catching Kahti. So the Mummies decided to place the Eye of Horus around Kahti's neck so they could see what she sees and know where she was at all times.

Featured CharactersEdit


Amenhotep: You took my son's life. Now his spirit wanders without rest, waiting to be reborn.
Scarab: You can't harm me. I shall live for 50 lifetimes. I'll still be young when you've been in your tomb 1000 years!
Amenhotep: At least when I'm in my tomb, I'll be dead.

Amenhotep coldly points out to Scarab that despite his newfound immortality. Scarab's victory is a hollow one.

Scarab: For 3,000 years without the sun.
Heka: No wonder you've got such a lousy tan.

Heka again proves Scarab needs henchmen without attitude.


Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • The Hot-Ra gets pulled over by a motorcycle cop for speeding on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • For transitions between scenes, they use the Mummies Alive! logo and about two seconds of the background from the theme song


  • This the second time that a scene takes place in ancient Egypt. The first being in the episode "Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian".
  • Scarab calls for "the Trackers of Souls", but two of them go unnamed, a bulldog and a wolf. The wolf might be Wepwawet who was originally seen as a wolf deity. Other canine deities found within Egyptian mythology are Am-heh, Duamutef, or Khenti-Amentiu for the the bulldog.