Prince Rapses
Prince Rameys - Mummies Alive!

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Sleep Walk Like an Egyptian






The Mummies

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Ancient Egypt

Prince Rapses was the heir to the Egyptian throne 3500 years ago. He was protected by the Mummies (before they became Mummies), but was assassinated when he was Presley's age by Scarab. The story of how this happened was shown to Presley in a magically induced dream. His spirit now lies within Presley, and is drawn out by Scarab. Rapses himself once ventured into the present time and met Presley face-to-face, when Scarab stole a time travel scroll to draw him to the present in the hopes that he would be easier to capture than the present day Presley. Rapses eventually returned to the past thanks to Presley and the Mummies.


  • Prince Rapses (an ancient Pharaoh) character is based on the real life Pharaoh Ramses XII.
  • Prince Rapses (and Presley's) guardians are Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon, and Nefer-Tina.
  • Ramses means "born of Ra."