First Appearance

Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra








Pharaoh's Adviser (formaly)

Current Location

The island of Yebu, San Francisco


Scarab posses the ability to transform much like the other Mummies. When he does he dons golden and purple armor, resembling that of a scarab beetle and possessing the power of flight. His powers include shooting bursts of energy from his hands, and the power to create the Shabti.

Scarab was once the Pharaoh's royal adviser.


3500 years ago, Scarab was the royal advisor and regent. Secretly, he wanted more. He eventually came up with a plan, an idea that once Amenhotep died, he'd use magic in order to stay young and rule egypt forever as Pharaoh.

Only one other thing stood in his way, Prince Rapses. Scarab was eventually able to lure the prince to a mountain top without his guardians. Scarab sucked the life force from the young Rapses for youth and immortality.

Enraged by Scarab's action, Amenhotep punished him in the worst way possible. Scarab was buried alive. And for fifty lifetimes he lived on.

However the effects were not permanent and started to wear off after a few centuries. Finally, an archeologist named Harris Stone was visiting Egypt, when he came upon the cursed tomb of Rapses. He opened the tomb, revealing Scarab to the world once again. From that moment on, Scarab took Harris Stone's place.

Scarab now living as Harris Stone, philanthropist and millionaire. As Stone, Scarab then funded the local museum to bring all the artifacts from Rapses tomb to San Fransisco. And when they did, a young Presley Carnovan appeared as the reborn prince.

With Prince Rapses reincarnated as Presley, he will stop at nothing to steal the prince's life force again.


Scarab posses an extensive knowledge in summoning creatures through the Western Gate. However, he has also shown an excellent grasp of modern technology.

Scarab's greatest fear is that he would grow old, and die without every realizing his dreams of conquering the world.

  • Harris Stone
  • Scarab
  • Scarab in armor


  • It is uncertain whether or not Scarab's armor was created by a patron deity of his, or if he created it himself.
    • If it was really created by a deity, then it would most likely be Khepri, the god of the morning sun. He had the head of a scarab beetle.