First Appearance

The Curse of the Sekhmet







Current Location

Beyond the Western Gate

Sekhmet is the ancient goddess of sickness and health. She has destroyed whole civilizations with her evil temper. Scarab once called upon her to heal him of his own sickness. But Sekhmet while a goddess of health as well as sickness, considered the task to beneth her.

Sekhmet-vulture 00

Sekhmet's vulture form.

Sekhmet also possesses the power to transform into a vulture-like bird creature.


  • The original Sekhmet was often depicted with head of lioness instead of a vulture.
  • Sekhmet's name comes from the Ancient Egyptian word "sekhem" which means "power".
  • Unlike the Sekhmet of the series, the original goddess was seen as a benevolent protector of Pharaohs and led them to victory in war.
  • In The Curse if the Sekhmet, Sekhmet tried to mimic the Plagues of Egypt by bringing heat, locusts and frogs to modern San Fransisco. However, heat wasn't one of the originial plagues.

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