Sleight of Hand
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date October 14, 1997
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Scarab dares the Mummies to face him in the "Challenge of the Maze". An ancient challenge where the winner gets the right to be the Pharaoh's protector. The Mummies have already faced these challenges in the past and never lost. No magic is allowed, but Scarab uses the "magic of technology" to aid him.

First he defeats Rath with a powerful magnet. Then he defeats Armon by tricking him into the path of a subway train. He defeats Nefer-Tina by temporarily blinding her. He tries to use projectors to decoy Ja-Kal, but Presley clues Ja-Kal in and he defeats Scarab.

Featured CharactersEdit


Presley: Is it a bird, a plane...
Scarab: Or, your worst nightmare.

Presley learns while skateboarding that he's not faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive.


Real-World ReferencesEdit


  • Presley's dialogue while out skateboarding is in reference to Superman.