Mummies Talos

First Appearance

Body Slam








Professional fighter for higher

Current Location

San Francisco


Size Growth

Talos is a large bronze statue given life.


Talso acted as a kind of servant to Scarab, but his actions were really always for his own glory.

Posing as a professional wrestling in order to defeat a weakened Armon, Talos later grow to gigantic proportions in an attempt to destroy everything in sight. Claiming that nothing could stop him.

Indeed he proved far too strong for the Mummies to defeat. Until in his arrogance Talos accidentally stepped on the device that was weakening Armon, allowing the mummy to regain his full strength and defeat Talos by removing the plug on the bronze giant's heel, causing Talos to melt away into nothingness.

Talos returned again when Rath used some of the magic clay Scarab used to bring him to life the first time to create a non-malevolent miniture. Sadly Talos memory returned when Presley used him to clean his room. He was stopped that time by absorbing a truck of cement and turning into a statue. But this was not the end for Talos.

He came back again, only to fall in love with San Francisco's "Freedom Statue", and made a bargain with Scarab to give it life. When he learned he had been tricked, he finally turned against Scarab, and helped Presley and the Mummies.


Talso posses an arrogant, aggressive personality fitting for his status as the "ultimate warrior".


  • Talos is most commonly know in Greek mythology for fighting the explorers Jason and his crew, the Argonauts.
  • Talos was voiced by David Kaye, the voice actor best known for his work in the Transformers franchise in the role of the leading villain, Megatron.