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Presley Carnovan
Tinyturner mummiesalive

First Appearance

The Egyp-Tsu Kid







Current Location

San Francisco

Turner or Tiny Turner as he is "affectionately" referred too, is a school bully. He and his punk friend Chuck often like to rough up the other kids.


Turner and his friend Chuck once beat up Presley Carnovan. What Turner did not know was that the Mummies decided afterwards to teach Presley self defense, so Armon instructed the younger boy in the art of Egyp-Tsu.

Later Turner and Chuck spotted Presley and his friends at the local carnival. Once there, once he had them cornered Tiny meet Scarab, once Turner saw this and Presley's new Egyp-Tsu moves, he and Chuck wisely elected to leave Presley alone.


  • Turner's full name is never mentioned.

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