True Believer
Season 1, Episode 35
Air date November 12, 1997
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Honey, I Shrunk the Mummies
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The Mummies buy clothes to better blend in with the people. Ja-Kal and Armon wear suits. Rath finds a muscle shirt and red baseball hat. Nefer-Tina finds a red cape at the Naxx store.

The sales clerk, Bix Bingsley, becomes infatuated with Nefer-Tina and asks her out on a date. Nefer-Tina is flattered. Outside the Shabti attack. The sales clerk gets injured and the Mummies take him to the hospital. Nefer-Tina feels bad for him.

Meanwhile Scarab decides to offer $10,000 to anyone who can lead him to the Mummies. He gets Hally Bessie Bingabell to announce this on her TV show, "The Incredible Truth". When Bingsley wins the $10,000, Scarab plants a tracer on him to lead him to the Mummies, which he does, eventually. Nefer-Tina ends up saving Bingsley from Scarab. She apologises to Bix for what she put him through and gives him a kiss of farewell.

Featured CharactersEdit



Real-World ReferencesEdit

  • The character Hally Bessie Bingabell is a reference to Sally Jessie Raphael.


  • Presley does not appear in this episode.

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