We've Got One
Season 1, Episode 41
Air date November 24, 1997
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Family Feud: Part 3 - The Heart's Arrow
Show Me the Mummy

Plot Edit

Rath knocks out a policeman when he falls from the sky.

Both the policeman and Rath get sent to the hospital.


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While the Mummies are fighting Scarab, Rath crashes into Bob the policeman, and they are both knocked unconscious. Together, they get taken to the hospital. Joe is excited, thinking Rath is a genuine space alien, but he is soon pushed aside by a Federal Investigator, Agent Phillips who takes over.

Phillips analyzes Rath with the intent of turning him over to "the General" so that he can get "promoted out of this backroom deskjob to where the real action is". While the other Mummies find there way inside to rescue him. A young volunteer nurse replaces Rath's old bandages with fresh itchy new ones. Rath is of course diagnosed as dead upon arrival and is sent to the morgue.

Thankfully Rath and the others manage to get away before the "General" sees anything. When he finally does arrive, and finds nothing the General tells Phillips' his efforts are to be rewarded, with a transfer to Antarctica.

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  • Presley is not in this episode.